With Son Heung-min making a slow start to the new season, do South Korea need a Plan B for the FIFA World Cup?

After the lofty standards he set for himself in his Golden Boot-winning Premier League campaign of 2021-22, it would not be too harsh to say that Son Heung-min has had a slow start to the new season.

With six games down in the Premier League, and an additional one in the Champions League, the usually-prolific attacker is yet to open his account this term.

Before the appraisal becomes overly critical, it must be said that Son has plenty of credit in his account 

After all, every forward will inevitably encounter a similar drought (Spurs teammate Harry Kane famously appeared allergic to scoring in August previously).

As such, Tottenham manager Antonio Conte will continue to be patient with his star man, knowing he will come good eventually.

But time is not something that is in abundance for the other man that will be closely monitoring Son's performances.

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