What Steph told Snoop Dogg in conversation about KD trade

When Kevin Durant asked for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets in June, speculation began as to which team could put together an offer that would be enough to land the 12-time NBA All-Star. 

The Warriors reportedly were interested in a possible reunion with Durant, but it required Golden State, and all teams involved, to pay a steep price. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Warriors superstar Steph Curry revealed a conversation he had with rapper Snoop Dogg about Golden State possibly trading for Durant. 

Curry stated that Durant had unrealistic expectations in that his preferred destinations would retain superstar rosters upon acquiring the Nets star, without considering the assets that must go to Brooklyn in a trade. 

“Man, he thinks that they’re gonna go to teams — like if he went to Phoenix — that they’re gonna be the same team if he’s there,” Curry told Snoop.

“[Boston Celtics] have a little bit of everything, but they would have to deal with the organizational transition to get rid of Jaylen [Brown]. He’s such a pivotal piece.… If they would have done that.” 

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