Super Bowl loss to Patriots prompts epic Richard Sherman post-game rant on Russell Wilson and Broncos

Amazon NFL commentator Richard Sherman must have felt like he stepped into “The Twilight Zone” on Thursday night when watching the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts game.

With Russell Wilson under center at quarterback, the Broncos made the odd decision to throw the football on third-and-four, when the team was on the Colts’ 13-yard line with 2:13 left in the fourth quarter.

So a simple running play and a field goal kick would have forced the Colts to go the length of the field and at least match the three points on the other end to take the game into overtime.

And yet, Wilson threw the ball into the awaiting arms of Colts cornerback Stephon Gilmore, a former New England Patriot coincidentally,

“Again, I wish I had Marshawn [Lynch] up here. One yard. You need one yard. Run the ball. Run the ball,” yelled Sherman.

 “All he has to do is run the football. Necessary criticism, I’ve said enough criticism for him, but god-dangit, run the dang ball. Like, learn from your mistakes.”

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