Suns Say They're Far Ahead of Last Season's Training Camp

Through their short time in training camp, the Phoenix Suns believe they're much further along than last season. 

"We're so far ahead of even where we were last year," said head coach Monty Williams. 

The Suns, working with a much extended offseason than last year, can benefit from the break between seasons:

"Both offensively and defensively, we've been able to add a lot of stuff, or input a lot of stuff, that we already had in. We've been able to push it a bit because guys are familiar," Williams said.

"We've played more in this camp than any camp I've ever been involved with. We've played five-on-five Day 1. We got after it.

Today we scrimmaged probably for three quarters if I'm not mistaken, I may have the times off but we've scrimmaged a lot. 

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