Stephen Curry says he regrets not boycotting 2014 playoff game against Clippers amid Donald Sterling scandal

With four championships and multiple MVP Awards to his name, Steph Curry is one of the most well-decorated, and successful, players of his era.

But just because Curry has had an amazing run doesn't mean that he doesn't harbor any regrets regarding things that transpired over the course of his career.

"One of my biggest regrets is not boycotting the game," Curry said. "That was a moment to leverage beyond anything we probably could have said."   

At the time, Curry and his teammates wanted to walk off of the court immediately after the tipoff, but they ultimately went along with the Clippers' protest of choice

 Since the Clippers were the team at the center of the scandal, it made sense that the Warriors followed their lead. 

Sterling was ultimately fined $2.5 million, forced to sell the Clippers and given a lifetime ban from the NBA as a result of his words and actions. 

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