Questions About Bears Balancing Act

Darnell Mooney could easily be losing his head.
Instead, the Bears wide receiver is keeping his cool about has two receptions for 4 yards total for the first two games.

"Just continue to be me and just work," Mooney said. "All I can do is just continue to stay on the jugs, run routes, keep my conditioning up, worry about what I can worry about.

"Then the opportunities are going to come. Like I said, they believe in me, the players believe in me, my team believes in me.

 There is eventually going to be a time that I do get a ball or whatnot, when I take it to the crib then everyone is going to go, 'oh, there he goes.'"

That's one way to look at it, the positive viewpoint, the team viewpoint. Quarterback Justin Fields follows this approach, too, even if there are faults with this logic.

"Like I said about Darnell on Sunday, if he caught zero passes and won the game, he wouldn't have any problem," Fields said.

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