Lamar Jackson faces a 2022 challenge, and maybe a 2023 opportunity, vs. the Dolphins

Last year, the 6-2 Ravens faced the 2-7 Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. It didn’t go well for Baltimore.

Extensively using a cover-zero pre-snap look that entailed blitzing some players and dropping others into coverage, the Dolphins routinely confused and confounded the Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson. Miami won the game, 22-10.

This year, in only the second game of the season, Jackson will get another chance to figure out a defense that stymied him in November

While it’s not solely on him, the quarterback always gets too much credit and too much blame.

On Sunday, then, Jackson gets a chance to show the Ravens that he has figured out how to beat the Dolphins.

And he gets a chance to show the Dolphins what he could possibly do for them. If they decide to try to acquire his services after the current season. 

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