Lakers News: Former Russell Westbrook Teammate Considers Lakers Point Guard "Misunderstood"

Though Los Angeles Lakers starting point guard Russell Westbrook seems to have struggled to connect with his L.A. teammates during his brief tenure playing for his hometown team thus far, he does have a fan of his game from his previous NBA stop.

Springy Washington Wizards center Daniel Gafford, with whom Westbrook played during the 2020-21 season, recently had a revealing conversation with Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson for Bally Sports

"I think it's the thing that we've seen on difference teams from him.

"If Willie Beamen was a real person, that's Russell Westbrook," Robinson observed.

"He's literally like a movie star." Willie Beamen was the brashly confident (fictional) upstart quarterback whose star rose through the course of the Oliver Stone football classic "Any Given Sunday" (1999). 

A tangential thought: Westbrook certainly has the physique and bad-ass swagger of a movie star, and he does work just a few miles away from Hollywood.

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