Kiszla: Hackett can’t hack it as NFL coach. Broncos need to call Sean Payton.

This mean-and-ornery Broncos defense would be a terrible thing for coach Nathaniel Hackett to waste. He can’t hack it as an NFL coach.

With all their billions in the bank, could the crazy-rich Waltons please lure Sean Payton to the Darkside and end our embarrassment in Denver?

Five games as the coach in Denver, and Hackett is on the hot seat. And that’s not a hot take.

 The Broncos lost 12-9 Thursday in overtime  to a bad Indianapolis team that won a game without a touchdown, the margin of victory provided by a 48-yard field goal by Chase McLaughlin.

We know horrendous coaching in Broncos Country. Hackett is not only bringing back all those bad vibes of Vance Joseph and Vic Fangio, he clearly is more overmatched than two coaches whose names are mud around here.

“All teams are tested by adversity,” Hackett said. In defeat, he repeatedly cited a need to look at the videotape to figure out why his team is its own worst enemy.

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