Keys to Cavaliers making steps forward after Donovan Mitchell trade – Terry Pluto’s Scribbles

Scribbles in my notebook after talking to some NBA people about the Cavaliers mega-deal with Utah to bring Donovan Mitchell to Cleveland:

1. Evan Mobley. That’s what one NBA source began with when I asked him about the Cavs deal.

He called it a “net plus.” Like a few other NBA sources, he mentioned: “It’s hard to get a superstar to come to Cleveland.

2. Former Cavs coach Mike Fratello can go on the record because he’s in the broadcasting business. He did a lot of Clippers games last season,

3. I wondered if Mitchell had scored 50 points in a game. It happened twice in the 2020 Utah/Denver series. Mitchell scored 57 points (19 of-33 shooting) and 51 points (15 of 27 shooting).

4. Mitchell has been in 39 career playoff games, averaging 28.3 points. 

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