Kevin McHale, Jayson Tatum cited as Boston Celtics 'traded NBA draft picks that turned into gold'

It is always a gamble to trade away a draft pick projected to be a valuable lottery pick with little or no protections on it,

Among the 30 teams of today’s NBA, analyst Frank Urbina of HoopsHype fame assembled a list of 13 examples of such a trade taking place with the Celtics occupying two of those slots.

The deals in question led to Boston picking up Hall of Fame big man Kevin McHale and All-NBA small forward Jayson Tatum

Let’s see what Urbina had to say about the two diamonds in the rough.

“The Warriors are once again involved with trading away a draft pick that turned into gold, as in 1980, the team dealt away the rights to the No. 3 pick the day before the draft to the Boston Celtics

“This is considered one of the biggest fleecings in a trade in NBA history, as not only did the Warriors give up the No. 3 pick

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