Josh Giddey praises the Chip Engelland addition, says he was excited when he heard the news

In an interview with Australia’s reporter Matthew Sullivan, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey spoke about the addition of renowned shooting coach Chip Engelland.

Engelland is one of the best shooting coaches in the league. He spent the last 17 years with the San Antonio Spurs.

 The Thunder signed Engelland this offseason, and many automatically thought Giddey would be the biggest beneficiary of the addition.

Giddey’s shooting is his biggest offensive question mark. If he can develop into a respectable outside threat, that’ll unlock a different level to his game.

Engelland’s coaching can turn that possibility into reality, and it sounds like Giddey is fully on board.

It’s exciting to hear Giddey and Engelland are on the same page and an interesting peek behind the curtains of the latter’s coaching style as not much is known about it.

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