His name wasn't McNally and his uniform wasn't blue: Adventures in unpacking Packers facts

Cliff Christl wasn't wrong about the color of Johnny Blood's uniform. He just wasn't right yet.

The uniform on a statue of Blood in the Packers Heritage Plaza in downtown Green Bay was originally painted blue, which Christl concurred with mostly because he didn't have time not to.

"I had about 24 hours to make a decision," Christl said of the statue. "I thought, 'I don’t know enough yet to say they weren’t (blue),' even though I had my doubts. So I said let’s go ahead and paint it blue.

My mistake, because within a year or two I realized those uniforms were not blue, they were gold."

The statue was repainted to reflect the gold color, but wasn't quite right, so it was touched up recently to get it closer to accurate.

As Packers team historian, Christl occasionally needs time to uncover the truth, but he never stops looking and learning.   

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