Fifa 23 rankings: Who does the game think is the world's best player?

At the men's World Cup later this year we might get some big name stars showing off their skills - and we might even find some new hidden gems.

But another way of getting a pretty good idea of who to watch out for, is to check the Fifa game ratings!

The latest edition of the game - Fifa 23 - is out later in September, but the ranks of the male players with the top stats have already been released. The top female players should also be out soon.

EA Sports, who make the game, has released the ranking of 1000 top-ranked men's players in the new Fifa 23 edition - and a new name has taken the No1 spot.

After scoring 44 goals in 46 games and helping Real Madrid win the Champions League - again - Karim Benzema has moved up 13 places to become the leading player in Fifa 23.

It's bad news for soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo though as the Manchester United forward has dropped to eighth place.

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