FIFA 23 is a surprising change of pace for the franchise

Though FIFA 23’s HyperMotion 2 system of motion capture and machine-learning is by definition an iterative work, complete with a buzzy marketing term applied to it, it’s not an incremental one.

 By capturing, analyzing, and processing more 11-on-11, 90-minute real-world soccer matches, EA Sports is selling FIFA 23 as a game where players have, if not greater control over the ball

then at least a greater understanding of how their on-screen footballer can manage it.

Last week I spoke to Kantcho Doskov, FIFA 23’s gameplay director at EA Vancouver, and asked him for the four or five things I should notice first in a series whose improvements are frequently subtle.

This kind of control and pace, and its differentiation among players, was at the top of Doskov’s list.

 “There are so many more subtleties in gameplay that you’ll feel over multiple matches, or after a while,” he said. “But that’s the big first one that you’re going to notice.”

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