Fan-Controlled Basketball League to Have LED Court, Four-Point Shot

The four-point shot soon will become a reality in basketball. But only when a certain spot on the court lights up. 

Fan Controlled Hoops, launched by the founders of Fan Controlled Football, will begin its inaugural season in February, with games played on an interactive 84-by-50 LED court that displays graphics.

“Fans will actually be picking hot spots on the court,” said Grant Cohen, co-founder of the league.

“So, they’re actually kind of controlling, not necessarily player movement, but how the play develops and where they want the guys scoring from. And it’ll feel a lot like NBA Jam for real life.”

Video games like NBA Jam become a reality in the fan-controlled universe, with the football league that enabled fans to pick their team’s offensive plays often being compared to a real-life version of Madden.     

Like Fan Controlled Football, fans of the basketball league will have the power to make a variety of decisions for their teams.

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