Donte DiVincenzo could've been a Boston Celtic last season

The Boston Celtics have made some big moves since the NBA trade deadline last year and Donte DiVincenzo was almost one of those guys to end up in the green and white, per the Athletics’Anthony Slater.

 In fact, it was all but a done deal from reports; “I thought I was going to Boston,” said the Villanova product.

“I think I was supposed to go for Dennis Schröder to Boston. I don’t know what happened. Somebody might’ve wanted too much,” added DiVincenzo. 

 “But that was my impression, that I was going to Boston. The Sacramento (trade) came out of nowhere.”

The deal fell apart at the last minute between the Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks and DiVincenzo ended up moving to the Sacramento Kings instead.

DiVincenzo struggled on his new team and would end up signing a short-term deal with the other NBA Finals team in the Golden State Warriors this offseason.

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