Could Dak Prescott return to Cowboys soon? Don’t take Jerry, Stephen Jones’ word for it

It has been learned that Dak Prescott could have played in the second half of the Cowboys’ win over Cincinnati if needed.

No one with the Jones surname has actually made that declaration.

Every time a Jones is asked about Prescott’s injury, the timetable for his return draws closer and closer. Now, the duo suggests the Cowboys’ game against Washington on Oct. 2 can’t be ruled out.

One: Prescott suffered what is known as an extra-articular fracture to his right thumb in the opener against Tampa Bay. He throws with his right hand.

Two: After decades of intensive film study, coaches have come to believe the thumb is vital to throwing the football.

Four: The Washington game kicks off 20 days after the surgery took place. The customary timeframe to return from the fracture Prescott suffered is four-to-six weeks.

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