Commanders Conquest: Winnable Games Ahead, But Seeds of Doubt Are Planted

 The Washington Commanders got off to a 1-3 start following the first quarter of the NFL season. 

Moving ahead, the team will need to not only identify its biggest shortcomings but come up with feasible plans for fixing them. 

How well they do there, is going to determine whether or not we're discussing a Commanders' resurgence in the second quarter of the year, or looking ahead to the 2023 NFL Draft.

Allen already wears a captain's patch as one of the leaders of his team, but he's also doing a lot of leading on the field as well. 

He and Daron Payne are holding up the defensive line with two sacks a piece, while Allen is also tied for third with 18 tackles. 

His message throughout the losing streak has been one of self-accountability and focusing on doing his job over looking for others to blame for their struggles. 

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