Commanders’ captain Jonathan Allen: ‘Sometimes the NFL is like high school’

When asked about the narrative that Carson Wentz is a cancer in an NFL locker room, Allen responded, “I have absolutely no idea where that comes from.

Sometimes I feel like the NFL can be like a high school. There is so much drama and rumors. Things that quite frankly aren’t true.

“After he (Wentz) threw those two interceptions, quick memory, positive on the sidelines, no pouting.

I think you can just see how the guys around him respond to him; that tells you everything you need to know about his character.”

When asked about Carson Wentz, Allen said it took him three years to finally beat Wentz.

“So, I’ve seen firsthand what Carson can do. I have utmost faith in him.” He also humbly stated that he being a defensive tackle “cannot imagine doing their job.”

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