Broncos History Reveals What 0-1 Start Means for Playoff Outlook

Is losing the first game of the season significant? For the Denver Broncos, yes. 

The first game of the season has foretold the future in nearly every instance. The Broncos shot themselves in the foot on Monday Night Football when they lost in Seattle. 

It was a mistake-filled contest by the visiting team that landed Denver a loss by a single point.

 When looking at that game, it's easy to point to all the mistakes and say, they are a good team that only needs to fix a few things to get back on the horse. History says different, unfortunately.

Since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970, the Broncos have had a great track record of winning the season opener.

The Broncos have won 35 times, lost 16 times, and have tied once. One could say losing the first game of the season is unfamiliar to the franchise.

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