Boston's Grant Williams just outside Sports Illustrated's top 100 NBA players for 2022-23

While Boston Celtics reserve forward Grant Williams is poised to have a big year this season, in the eyes of the NBA analysts of Sports Illustrated

the Tennessee product is still just outside their top 100 NBA players list looking in at the start of the Celtics’ 2022-23 campaign.

“Williams was obviously a key ingredient to Boston’s run to the Finals,” writes Sports Illustrated’s Rohan Nadkarni of Williams’ impact on the Celtics’ 2022 NBA title near-miss.

“He also plays in a perfect context for his particular skill set, and his impact began to wane in the latter rounds of the playoffs.

“Williams can clearly help great teams, however,” adds Nadkarni. “It would be surprising if he does not make the list rather soon.”

Given the lack of big man depth to start Boston’s season with center Robert Williams III and forward Danilo Gallinari out, there is a world in which this assessment could make SI look silly.

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